My Teacher Leader Manifesto

A teacher leader manifesto is an ever growing and changing document. This document is supposed to represent my why as a teacher leader. The idea for the teacher leader manifesto was not my own, but inspired by teachers before me.

My Teacher Leader Manifesto

Teaching is at the core of my being. To teach is to give people the power to be more than they currently are. Unfortunately, when decisions about how to teach or what to teach are made, classroom teachers and students are often left out. Teachers, on average, will leave the classroom by their fifth year of year of teaching. We are overworked, under paid, and underappreciated. I believe this is largely because lifetime teachers care more about what they do and who they are teaching than almost anything else. Love of the field. This is both the curse and the blessing of being a lifetime teacher. That is why I pledge to be both a classroom teacher and a teacher leader.

I will work to make sure teachers are informed, involved, and loved. Teachers are powerful humans with an undying desire to better society. As a teacher leader, I will try to harness that power to evolve the teaching field from what it is today to a field where lifetime teachers have the power to improve policy and curriculum.

I pledge to work to better my students.

To have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of my subject. To work to improve curriculum while it happens and to use constant formative assessment to make sure I am aiding all my students in their quest for knowledge.

I pledge to work to better schools.

To make schools a safe place for all students to learn and all teachers to teach. To educate teachers on how to reach new heights. To work with administration to build trust with their teachers. To promote teacher’s voices above all else.

I pledge to better the field of education.

To research in order to educate myself and others on important policy decisions and on who policy makers in my area of influence are. To stand up for what is right even if the times are tough. To never give up on education.

I pledge to be an open book.

To not keep my success and my struggles a secret so that I may be able to help others and they may be able to help me. To make sure I never stop learning and leading.

I pledge to seek to connect to people.

To learn from other’s experiences. To not reinvent the wheel, but bridge the gap in minds and create places where educators can discuss successes and hang-ups. To connect the community to their school. To make learning transparent.

I pledge to love.

To show all humans that they are cared for and respected.

I pledge to be human.

To care for my family and my health first and foremost. To make mistakes, but learn from them.


Haley Kennedy – 2017