The Search Continues: Social Justice and Curriculums

I’m getting a new curriculum and I can either be excited about it and learn to work with it or I can do nothing. Doing nothing is easy, but it doesn’t help my students and they are the reason I am an educator. I’m going to learn how to work with these curriculums and teach them using a social justice lens. I have always known that my class is so much. More than standards and books. I knew that I had the opportunity to teach my students to be citizens of the world, but I have never made that commitment verbally and set for goals and standards for myself. I tell my students that setting goals is the first step to success, now it is my turn. From here forth, I am committed to fostering social justice in my classroom.

How am I going to do that?

  1. Be Aware – I will be conscious of what I am teaching and showing in my classroom. I will check my bias and grow as a human along with my students.
  2. Go beyond my curriculum – there are stepping stones put into the curriculums to talk about social justice. I need to take them and take the time to make and find lessons that cultivate social justice.
  3. Push Boundaries – Sometimes progress means making people uncomfortable. I will push my own boundaries and show my students what it looks like to step into the unknown and I will ask them to follow.
  4. Be Understanding – Everyone’s journey will look different. I will make sure my time is spent finding and making lessons that try different methods. I will craft discussions and activities that let everyone shine.
  5. Be Continuous – I will continue to research and continue my journey. I will never be done learning.


As an aside, here are some websites I have been using along this process. There are a lot of amazing tools out there and I have only found the tip of the iceberg.


Please share your resources with me so we can all continue learning. Drop it in a comment below!

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